about us

Biosun Gavah Company (Private Stock) is the first 100% Iranian company specializing in the inspection and certification of organic agricultural products in Iran, which benefits from experienced technical staff with university degrees. This company is proud that during its 7 years of activity, it has been able to play an important and effective role in the development of organic agriculture in the country by obtaining an organic certificate for the permitted inputs in the production of organic products, including fertilizers (organic fertilizers) and materials. Pest control and more than 15,000 hectares of agricultural and garden lands in different provinces of the country according to the national standards of Iran, European Union and America are among the related activities. Biosun Gavah is the first company certified by Iran’s accreditation system – National Organization of Standards of Iran in accordance with Iran’s ISO/IEC 17020 standard based on Iran’s national standard 11000 in the field of “production process until the supply of organic plant products” under the number ACI/ IBS is 281. In addition to having academic degrees related to agricultural sciences, the inspectors of this company have an authorized certificate of inspection of organic products in accordance with the European Union standard and the American National Organic Program, and every year they pass specialized courses under the supervision of international experts. Biosun Gavah company has an exclusive representative of the Swiss bio-inspect company, which has the ability to obtain a wide range of certified organic certificates in the world. The goals of Biosun Gavah company in this regard are:
– Creating business opportunities for the supply of organic products in domestic and foreign markets for producers and exporters of agricultural products based on national and international standards.
– Improving the level of awareness and adapting the qualifications of employees according to the inspection needs and the requirements of model standards.
– Correct and complete use of all available resources in order to increase the accuracy and accuracy of the results of accepted inspections.
– Increasing the satisfaction and support of organic product producers against fraudulent presentation of non-organic products instead of organic products.
– Protecting consumers of organic products against market fraud and unsubstantiated claims about organic products.
– Coordinating and cooperating with competent authorities, including Iran’s Standards and Industrial Research Organization, Iran’s qualification certification system, and the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture in order to optimize the inspection and certification process and develop organic agriculture in Iran.
The senior management of Biosun Gavah company with full belief and commitment to the provisions of this policy and in line with quality policies by selecting quality representatives, technical managers and benefiting from experienced expert inspectors in Switzerland, all colleagues with empathy, like-mindedness and cooperation in Strict implementation of this process is called.